The most significant recent accomplishments of our clients include their continued success in finding jobs and then going on to grow in their careers.  

Lily’s Story

But, it is not only the success of finding a job, it is the fact that these clients desire to go on to do more than just get a job to pay the bills.   For example, one client that works as a teller is looking to improve upon her English so that she may go out and provide Financial Literacy classes to both adults and children for the bank that she works for.   She began as a part-time teller at a branch in New Canaan.  Women’s Mentoring Network helped her improve upon her resume and worked with her on her interviewing skills in order for her to become a full-time teller.  Her efforts were recognized and she was moved from the slower paced New Canaan branch to a faster-paced Stamford branch.  Women’s Mentoring Network has also set her up with a mentor to help her with her English.  Her son is also part of our First Generation Achievement Program.  When he came to this country, he did not speak any English.  After going through our program and having a mentor of his own, he ultimately was able to take Advanced Placement courses in high school.  After graduating from Stamford High School, he now attends UCONN, studying business analytics.  He recently updated me on the fact that he is taking Calculus 4 and tutoring other students in Math.   His goal is to work for NASA one day.  Our greatest successes are when clients reach a goal and then go on to set new and higher goals.