“Empowering Women and their Families”

Economically empowering women and their families, Women’s Mentoring Network provides the foundational skills for women to secure quality employment and pursue their educational goals. Programs and services focus on Workforce Development, Financial Literacy, and Computer & Digital Literacy. Women’s Mentoring Network offers workshops and one-on-one assistance to adults through our E to the 4th POWER Program (Employment, Education, Economic Mobility and Empowerment). The organization also provides services to students through its First Generation Achievement Program. Students may join our Junior Leadership Team or receive help in our Early Steps Tutoring Program. Women’s Mentoring Network does not charge for any of its services.

























Women’s Mentoring Network – Addressing Food Insecurity & the Digital Divide during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Serving hundreds of adults and youth with resume preparation, interview skills, job search, budgeting assistance, improving credit scores, and personal finance management services annually.


Peer to peer mentoring keeps the client goal focused, celebrates milestones, and provides an individual with a unique experience.


Women gain day to day life management and coping skills that allow them to recognize their potential, build self-confidence, self-advocate and build stronger family units to move forward with career and educational goals.


Strongly promotes adult college level studies and technical training that leads to increased employment opportunities and economic sustainability.


Distributes over 100,000 meals annually in conjunction with the Fairfield County Food Bank. This helps families stretch their food budgets and increases the nutritional value of their meals.


Fairfield County households living paycheck-to-paycheck


Increase in client enrollment between 2015 and 2017


.90 cents of every $1.00 raised goes directly to Client Services


Meals distributed annually in partnership with Fairfield County Food Bank

See how Women’s Mentoring Network celebrated its 30th Anniversary

Visiones and the Women’s Mentoring Network – Lynda Baquero speaks with Lana Gifas, the executive director of the Women’s Mentoring Network, and Carolyn Armas, a Women’s Mentoring Network volunteer, about the services the organization provides.


  • Providing services that promote purpose, opportunity and foster positive life expectations
  • Building an educational and social foundation that allows maximization of potential
  • Enabling individuals to mainstream as productive, skilled members of the workforce
  • Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty

Women’s Mentoring Network is proud to part of the following collaboratives:

The most significant recent accomplishments of our clients include their continued success in finding jobs and then going on to grow in their careers. Listen and hear from stories of our own clients and how their experience with Women’s Mentoring Network shaped and changed their lives forever.

Our work will continue with each of these women.  We will continue to follow the story of Cheryl and Joanne as they progress through their careers and their life journey.


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